WHAT DO I GET WHEN BOOKING Clementine Caravan?

Renovated vintage caravan bar
Experienced bar service staff
All disposable glassware
Two glass drink dispensers for fruit infused water and lemonade
Ice, straws, coasters and napkins
Two Signature craft cocktails with custom framed menus
All mixers, sodas, and garnishes
Assistance with beverage selections and quantities

How does it work?

We bring the caravan, staff, coolers, fridges, barware, ice, basically everything for the duration of the event. To give you the greatest control over cost and choices, we get you to supply the alcohol, however we are more than happy to provide recommendations regarding quantity and selection.

We will arrive at least two hour before your event start time to set up, and take about an hour to pack up at the end of service. The set up and pack down of Clementine Caravan Bar happens in our own time, outside the service duration that is agreed upon prior to the event.

The venue we have booked, already has a bar, can you provide the bar service and bartenders, without a bar?

Yes we can! In this situation we can provide a custom quote, providing only the services and items you require. We have bartenders, wait staff and cocktail bar tenders available for hire.

Can I taste the drinks before the event?

Absolutely! Before the tasting, i will get some ideas on what flavors you and your partner enjoy. Then the fun part! I will have an array of cocktails made with unique and fresh ingredients for you and up to 5 guests to choose two signature cocktails.

How much does it cost to hire CLEMENTINE Caravan?

Every event is different and not one price fits all. To find out a ballpark figure for your event please fill out the form on the contact page or email your event details to Clementinecaravan@gmail.com